Selma Blair is the new voice of Xfinity

Selma Blair has sealed a new voice-over gig with Comcast!

Comcast, the well-known cable and internet provider, has recently rolled out a brand new campaign to increase understanding of their flagship Xfinity brand. Costing $170 million dollars, their advertisement campaign sells the idea that Xfinity creates a seamless experience for the consumer.

Integrated Solutions

Xfinity aims to merge all that Comcast has to offer, ranging from internet, to phones, cable, and home security. The new ads show potential customers that they can use all of their Wi-Fi devices, be it tablet, iPad, or television, to explore all of Comcast’s services in a seamless way, not requiring the consumer to be tethered to any one device.

In order to give their brand-new advertisement campaign some life, they chose Selma Blair to narrate some of their ads. They began airing during the extravagant summer Olympic Games opening ceremonies. During the commercial, Selma Blair narrates all of the innovative and wonderful things that anyone can do every day with their Xfinity service.

The customers in the commercial can do all of their favorite things, like watching Grey’s Anatomy on their phone or laptop, talking on their phone and watching TV, or even using a subway as a movie theater. A man in the commercial uses his personal tablet as a remote control while he is watching football. With their home security options, you can even use your cell phone as a key to your home or control the lights in your house via special apps.

They imply that your home can become an arcade by showing two men playing games in their den, while a bowl of oatmeal suggests you can watch your favorite shows any time, anywhere. You see a man playing on a beach while being recorded, creating instant media to share on Xfinity.

Smart Home – Security & Control

One of Xfinity’s most exciting new products is the Home Products line. They aim to create an automated, smart home. Comcast’s goal is to have their Home Products line be usable on any device that you may choose while still creating your own engine to program all that you need without stress. You would receive a tablet PC as the main interface, while you would have applications on your Apple or Android devices.

wireless security & smart home

Xfinity’s main two products for their ‘smart home’ are the Home Security and Home Control lines. Home Security is meant for those wanting a professional-grade home security monitoring system with fun automation perks. It is installed by professionals and is monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A professional can come out and completely install the new product, or attempt to cannibalize some of the parts of your prior home system.

Their other flagship product, Home Control, is a stripped down version of Security that lacks 24/7 monitoring in favor of home automation. It offers flexibility in all of its sensors and settings. You can make ‘secure’ products, where a person that wants to change a door setting needs to have permission, as it is security related.

As a major part of both Home Security and Home Control, the user can receive different hardware perks, ranging from motion detectors, thermostats, to light switches and connected locks.