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Selma Blair is the new voice of Xfinity

Selma Blair has sealed a new voice-over gig with Comcast!

Comcast, the well-known cable and internet provider, has recently rolled out a brand new campaign to increase understanding of their flagship Xfinity brand. Costing $170 million dollars, their advertisement campaign sells the idea that Xfinity creates a seamless experience for the consumer.

Integrated Solutions

Xfinity aims to merge all that Comcast has to offer, ranging from internet, to phones, cable, and home security. The new ads show potential customers that they can use all of their Wi-Fi devices, be it tablet, iPad, or television, to explore all of Comcast’s services in a seamless way, not requiring the consumer to be tethered to any one device.

In order to give their brand-new advertisement campaign some life, they chose Selma Blair to narrate some of their ads. They began airing during the extravagant summer Olympic Games opening ceremonies. During the commercial, Selma Blair narrates all of the innovative and wonderful things that anyone can do every day with their Xfinity service.

The customers in the commercial can do all of their favorite things, like watching Grey’s Anatomy on their phone or laptop, talking on their phone and watching TV, or even using a subway as a movie theater. A man in the commercial uses his personal tablet as a remote control while he is watching football. With their home security options, you can even use your cell phone as a key to your home or control the lights in your house via special apps.

They imply that your home can become an arcade by showing two men playing games in their den, while a bowl of oatmeal suggests you can watch your favorite shows any time, anywhere. You see a man playing on a beach while being recorded, creating instant media to share on Xfinity.

Smart Home – Security & Control

One of Xfinity’s most exciting new products is the Home Products line. They aim to create an automated, smart home. Comcast’s goal is to have their Home Products line be usable on any device that you may choose while still creating your own engine to program all that you need without stress. You would receive a tablet PC as the main interface, while you would have applications on your Apple or Android devices.

wireless security & smart home

Xfinity’s main two products for their ‘smart home’ are the Home Security and Home Control lines. Home Security is meant for those wanting a professional-grade home security monitoring system with fun automation perks. It is installed by professionals and is monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A professional can come out and completely install the new product, or attempt to cannibalize some of the parts of your prior home system.

Their other flagship product, Home Control, is a stripped down version of Security that lacks 24/7 monitoring in favor of home automation. It offers flexibility in all of its sensors and settings. You can make ‘secure’ products, where a person that wants to change a door setting needs to have permission, as it is security related.

As a major part of both Home Security and Home Control, the user can receive different hardware perks, ranging from motion detectors, thermostats, to light switches and connected locks.

Selma Blair Sports New Hairstyle

Selma Blair is no stranger to hair controversy. The cruel intentions star has admitted to having a penchant for trying out new hairstyles – from the trendy to the outlandish. She claimed to have fallen in love with hairstyle experimentation since 7th grade, describing how silly haircuts “made her happy”.

This time round, it’s her hair color. After leaving the sitcom Anger Management, Selma has been seen sporting blonde hair, departing from her traditional brown locks. She was seen with ex-boyfriend Jason Bleick on July 7 at a zoo in Studio City with their 23 month old son Arthur.

Well, this isn’t exactly Selma’s most shocking haircut. In 2006, she cut off her bellybutton length hair for a very short boyish haircut with parts of the side and back shaven. Check that out.


We wonder if anyone has kept count on the different types of haircut Selma Blair has sported. You name it and chances are that Selma has had that type of hair before. Curly hair, wavy hair, frizzy hair and straight hair. If you ask us, we think our favorite one was her sleek short hairstyle in Hellboy.

In any case, Selma Blair seems to be enjoying her time after Anger Management. Recently, she has been spotted a couple of times with a bearded, unnamed man several times, having meals and hanging out with her little boy Arthur. Is that a new man in her life? Well, when asked about the new ring on her hand, she tweeted that it was “just a ring” and not an “engagement ring”.

No matter, we are just happy Selma has found happiness and moved on post Anger Management.

Review of Top Garcinia Offers

Garcinia Cambogia is a diet pill, of sorts, promising the latest in slimming down and propelling yourself toward better health. Unlike many pills, however, this particular supplement has doctors and celebrities alike lining up; rather than promising quick results with very little research or proof to suggest this is the case, this supplement has doctors and respected celebrities (such as Oprah) backing up its claims, and encouraging consumers to give it a try. Numerous companies, sadly, have made this supplement available with bogus claims and poor quality. Below, legitimate suppliers (and their offers) have been identified and evaluated.

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Selma Blair Flaunts Barefaced Flawless Skin

Selma Blair may be a single mother juggling a busy acting career, but that doesn’t seem to stop her from having flawless radiant skin.

The 41 year old actress showed up without makeup as she walked out of a cafe in Studio City, Calif, grabbing breakfast as she ran errands.

Selma Blair Microdermabrasion

Sporting a sleek black vest and cardigan, with a pair of fitting jeans that accentuated her slim legs, she looked casually radiant and in good spirits walking down the sidewalk.

In an earlier interview with MSN living, Selma shared some of her personal beauty tips.

A self-confessed ‘poor applier’, she prefers to avoid anything difficult when it comes to makeup, opting for basics like pink blush and nude lipsticks. Liquid liners and concealers are usually no-go for her, abhorring the feeling of skin cracking under thick layers of foundations.

She also admitted to being a beauty chameleon of sorts in high school, and liked to play around with different hairstyles and colors. When asked what’s her favorite hairstyle, the 41 year old cheekily replied that she liked her hair “whatever way it is not now”.

What can we learn from Selma when it comes from skincare? Well, she seems to prefer non-invasive treatments and said that she hasn’t gone under the knife although she wouldn’t say she would never.

She also goes to a spa for weekly sessions which she claimed has helped her skin a lot even though she did not elaborate on the sort of treatment she received. Well, many spas nowadays offer effective non-invasive skin treatments like microdermabrasion and high frequency therapy. These can be rather costly for the average person though, but nowadays there are some pretty good home microdermabrasion kits like these microderm systems reviewed by beauty bloggers that can be very cost effective.

Other novel at home beauty treatment options include the derma roller and the derma wand. The derma roller is a microneedling technique aimed at inducing collagen growth and remodeling damaged skin. Correctly used, it could fade scars and stretch marks. On the other hand, the derma wand delivers stimulating high frequency energy to deeper layers of the skin and can plump up older or sagging skin. Find out more through reviews of the derma wand and the derma roller

The final and most important tip she shared was to stay out of the sun. This is very good advice indeed, as studies have shown that most visible skin damage before the age of 40 is a result of UV damage rather than aging.

So, here you are, beauty tips to keep in mind if you want to be a barefaced beauty like Selma Blair!



A Relaxing Experience With Home Foot Massagers

* The Following Is An Advertorial

There are many foot massagers in the market. However, before setting out to buy any of these products, you will need to consider some factors which will not only save you money but also ensure that you get value for your money.

Below is a candid comparison of three foot massagers sold on Amazon.

1. Kendal Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat

It is a multifunctional massager- You can use this massager for kneading massage, shiatsu massage, 3D press massage and 360 all cover massage. The massager also comes fitted with rolling, air pressure and heating functions, which will allow you enjoy hot compress constant.

Ergonomically designed to give maximum pleasure- the massager is designed in such a way as to allow it access the different acupuncture points on your feet to enable you enjoy a professional-feeling massage from the comfort of your home.

Automatic timer- the massager comes with an automatic timer whose default settings allow it shut off automatically after every 15 minutes. You can also set up your massage time to a maximum of 30 minutes per massage session.

The massager has an LCD screen through which you can check the real time left.

Ability to shift between two different modes with varying strengths- there are two different modes of Kendal foot massager.

You can either shift between modes that gives high frequency massage and one that gives infrared physical therapy, which has the potential of improving blood circulation and metabolism. You can shift from one mode to the next with ease by using the remote control that comes with the massager.

  • Effective yet less vigorous- the air pressure massage coupled with the rolling massage with the heating directed on the feet soles will allow you enjoy a massage that is less vigorous yet very effective.
  • Safe to use- the massager comes with an overheating breaker, which automatically switches off the machine in case it overheats.
  • Easy to clean- the Kendal foot massager comes fitted with detachable fabric foot covers for ease of cleaning.
  • Fits-all size- the foot massager is big enough to fit both small and big feet.
  • Warranty- Each purchase is accompanied by a one year warranty

Customers Reviews:

  • Customers who have used the Kendal Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat speak highly of this product.

Below are some of what these satisfied customers had to say about this massager:

  • It is compact and comfortable. Massages the feet, ankles and calves and leaves you feeling relaxed.
  • The Kendal massager tenderly massages the calves without hurting them.
  • The massager gives the best massage that relieves feet from tiredness and sores
  • The massage from the machine feels like a massage from strong human hands.
  • It is ideal for people whose say jobs require them to spend long hours on their feet.
  • The massager can help relieve your feet from soars
  • The initial discomfort or roughness you feel when the machine starts working on the toes can be relieved with proper positioning of the feet in the massager
  • The massager comes in two different colors ( blue and pink), it is therefore wise to specify the color you want when placing your order

2. Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus


  • This massager increases circulation in the feet and lower legs
  • It helps in the prevention of leg cramps.
  • The Medi-Rub foot massager has 2 speed heavy-duty motor which is used by customers suffering from neuropathy and diabetes.
  • The massager can also be used to ease aches in heels and toes.

Customers reviews:

  • The Medi-Rub Foot massager helped relieve the swelling from the leg of a patient suffering from emphysema.
  • The Medi-Rub is less awkward and more comfortable.
  • The massager does not cause you to take straining postures to enjoy the pleasure and bliss from the machine.
  • It gives full relaxation in a few minutes.
  • Works strongly even on lower setting.
  • The massager is handy in dealing with sores and cramps though a bit pricy.
  • Unlike most of the massagers, the Medi-Rub Foot massager works via oscillation and not vibrations ensuring smooth flow of blood and body fluids through the feet.

3. MG-C11 Foot & Calf

3This massager has 4 kneading discs which can be used to massage your ankles, feet and calves
The strong kneading of the massager penetrates very deeply into the muscles of the ankles, calves and feet.


  • The pressure nodes that are found under your feet will effectively stimulate the acu-points that are distributed on the soles of your feet
  • The massager has three different massage programs and three vibration modes. These combine to give you the most revitalizing and relaxing massage experience

Customers reviews:
Note: Most of the customer reviews on this product are negative. Customers claim that the massager fails to deliver what it promises in its adverts.

Here are some of the negative reviews:

  • The massager does not massage the ankles
  • The massager grips the feet and toes so tightly inflicting pain on the user
  • It cannot accommodate persons with big calves
  • The company does not allow buyers to return the product with or without paying for the return shipping.
  • The customer support working for the company is neither courteous nor helpful.
  • Granted, each of these massagers has awesome features. They can each serve different purposes.
  • However, the 3Q MG-C11 Foot & Calf Massager seems to have multiple issues.
  • Previous buyers have expressed dissatisfaction with this massager and have advised against buying it.

Therefore, for our purpose we will only compare the Kendal Foot Massager and the Medi-Rub Foot Massager 2000 Plus. Both of these massagers have awesome features. They both leave their users feeling relaxed and revitalized. However, the Medi-Rub Foot Massager only massages the sole of the feet while the Kendal foor massage works on the feet, the calves and ankles. Kendal Foot Massager beats the Medi-Rub Foot Massager in pricing and the many different parts of the foot that the massager can work on. This massager is not only pocket-friendly but also massage feet of all sizes. I would therefore recommend the Kendal Foot Massager to anyone seeking to buy a foot massager.

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